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Teen Resources

How to Help a Friend
This information from End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin shares lots of tips on helping a friend in an abusive relationship.

Domestic Violence Information

Cycle of Violence
Violence in a relationship comes in waves. This diagram explains the different stages of the cycle of violence.
Power and Control Wheel
Physical and sexual assault are the most apparent forms of domestic violence, but are not the only forms of abuse. The Power & Control Wheel depicts other types of abuse that are less easily identified, but are just as effective at establishing control in a relationship.
Respect Wheel
The Respect Wheel outlines behaviors and actions that signify equality in a relationship.
Why Leaving Isn't Easy
Although many victims do leave their partners who abuse, there are many potential consequences that make the desicion to leave a difficult one to make. These factors can be emotional, physical, cultural, or financial.
Safety Plan Brochure
This brochure explains how to make a personal plan to stay safe at home, at work, if you are leaving etc.
Red Flags
Although no one can fuly predict wheather or not a relationship will turn out to be abusive, some warning signs do exist.
Why They Batter
Although each case is different and no one can predict if a relationship will become abusive, there are three major theoretical approaches that attempt to explain why men and women are abuse.
What Can I Do to Help?
This brochure gives you tips on what to do if someone you know is being abused.
Checklist for Assessing Change in Batterers
This checklist explains signs of real change in an abuser.
Impacts on Children
This chart explains how domestic violence may effect key aspects of child development.
Dating Violence Brochure
This brochure includes information what dating abuse is and on the warning signs of abuse.

Golden House Services

Domestic Violence Later in Life Brochure
This support group is for women over 50 who want to share about the effects of domestic abuse later in life. See the brochure for more information.
Support Groups
This brochure provides information about the women's and the children's support groups.

Legal Information

How to Get a Restraining Order
This brochure explains what a restraining order is, what a harassment restraining order is, and what the process is to obtain one.


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Our Impact

Spring Brings New Beginnings: 2012 Overview
A reflection on services and funding in 2012 as well as the story of one family's successful transformation.
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