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Community Based Services

While not all victims of abuse need Golden House for shelter, everyone can access the help of caring professionals and the support of those who share in the first-hand understanding of domestic abuse. Golden House welcomes all seeking the support and tools to build a life free of violence.

is here to help people understand the dynamics of domestic abuse, to develop plans for safety and to find the individualized services they may need on their path to survival. The journey to help and healing is just a phone call away.

Individual Support and Advocacy:
Caring and experienced staff available to meet with victims and their families to listen, provide support and advocate for each individual according to their needs.

Legal Advocacy:
Advocates are available to accompany victims to legal proceedings for support, answer questions about legal processes and assist in obtaining Restraining or Harassment Orders.

Safety Planning:
Staff are available help develop a plan to keep victims safe based on their individual situation. It is important be safe not only during an explosive incident, but when a victim is preparing to leave, when a victim files for a protective order, and daily at a vitcim's residence, on the job and in public.

Support Groups:
Provide a safe, easily accessible community space for survivors to begin or continue their healing through peer support and domestic violence education.

24 Hr Telephone Helpline: 920-432-4244
24 Hr Text Helpline: 920-770-6415

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