We respect every individual, your right to privacy, and the decisions you make. It's your journey of healing and we can help. Call 920-435-0100 to speak with an advocate or schedule an appointment.

Adult Services
Survivor Support Groups are safe places to share your struggles, learn from others, and help you feel like you're not alone. Golden House offers the following support groups. Click here to view the dates and times calendar.
  •  Foundations of Domestic Violence 
    • 6 six-week curriculum 
    • Focuses on domestic violence education, coping, resiliency, and assertiveness
  • Continued Support
    • Provides opportunity for connection and social engagement with other survivors of domestic abuse
  • Children's Support Group
  • Spanish Support Group 
Court Accompaniment
Court can be frightening, especially when you need to share what happened to you. We can stand by your side for support and help you understand what to expect in the courtroom.

Mental Health
Golden House has a licensed professional counselor on staff who can help you recognize the impact of the abuse, process the trauma, and support you on your continued journey towards healing. 

Continued Support
Many times after the initial crisis has passed there are still things that need to be addressed. Advocates can assist in connections to needed resources, and help create a plan for safety and stability for a life free of violence. 

Transportation Assistance
Transportation is one of the biggest hurdles for some victims. We can help with emergency transportation and provide resources for relocation.

Children & Parent Services
Support Group Group is a safe place for kids to share and understand their feeling and learn skills to build healthy relationships in the future.

Age-Appropriate Safety Planning
We can help you talk with your kids about safety and create a family safety plan.

Parent Mentoring & Support
We can guide you as you help your kids process their feelings and help them feel safe.
"[Support Group] helped me to change my way of thinking into a much more positive, strong, and safe mindset." - Survivor