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Your support gives victims of domestic abuse compassion, support, and hope for the future. Because of you, they feel heard, learn to trust themselves, and discover their true potential. Thank you!
Healing a Community: 2023 Golden House by the Numbers... 
  • 2,533 total clients served
  • 5,485 services provided
  • 2,067 outreach clients helped 
  • 425 victims have stayed in shelter
  • 136 families helpd with our Safe at Home program (2022)
  • 84 individuals served with our Rapid Rehousing program (2022)
  • 629 therapy sessions were offered
  • 11,804 helpline calls answered
  • 23,845 participants during prevention and outreach presentations 

Choosing Strength and Hope
Shauna came to Golden House one snowy day with only her work uniform, a rickety car seat, and her youngest daughter. She accepted a ride from a police officer after he responded to the call she made from home. It wasn't a safe place for her and her children anymore and the officer said Golden House could help.

After meeting with an advocate and organizing school pick up, Shauna and her five children settled into shelter. The family made friends with others staying there and Shauna worked with her advocate on a plan to keep her job despite a lack of transportation. As the weeks passed, it seemed like things were finally going right. The kids were adjusting, her boss was understanding, and her advocate was helping her search for a new home.

Then a curve ball came when Shauna's ex, the children's father, died unexpectedly. The family was faced with a whole range of emotions as they grieved, leaning on one another and everyone at Golden House for support. Everything they had been working so hard for was put on the backburner as Shauna had to focus on planning and paying for a funeral.

After a few weeks of grieving, Shauna decided that it was time to refocus on the future. She worked harder than ever, applying to multiple housing programs until she received the news that they were accepted to Ecumenical Partnership for Housing. In a few short weeks, they would move into their own house. Shauna would continue to meet with her advocate from Golden House as she worked toward her goals of learning to drive, saving up for a car, reinstating her CNA license, and finding a new job.

Shauna came to Golden House for a safe place, but they also helped her find the strength within herself to heal, grow, and find hope for the future.

"Thanks to all of you today, I feel good about myself. I am free of someone that was harming me and thanks to your help it is in the past. God bless you for continuing to help more women." - Survivor