Episode 1

Sara Abel Kaufman

Sara Abel Kaufman has been a member of the Golden House board of directors for over 5 years and has served as the President from 2020 through 2023.  
Sara is an experienced professional with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing consulting and leadership roles.  Sara is currently in a Change Management role at Schreiber Foods. 
Sara’s leadership and personality helps to facilitate teamwork and relationships as she focuses on helping teams build alignment and adapt to new ways of working.  With her openness and servant mentality she strives to create positivity and forward movement in any situation. 
Outside of work, Sara enjoys being active outside with her husband Jeff and travelling to visit their 5 adult children who live in various places around the country.

 John Kirsch

John Kirsch has been a member of the Golden House board of directors for over 4 years and is currently serving as the President.  In addition, John is currently a member of the fund development committee and has also served on the finance committee as well as being involved with numerous activities and events.

John is an experienced professional with over 10 years of consulting experience and many more in leadership positions.  John is currently the Microsoft Dynamics GP Product lead at sa.global, a world-wide consulting firm and Microsoft partner.  As a consultant, John works with companies of all sizes supporting their ERP and related needs.  John is an accomplished speaker in the Microsoft ERP space with multiple speaking engagements each year.  John enjoys giving presentations and interacting with participants at events.

Equally as important as his technical background, John’s leadership and personality helps to facilitate strong teamwork and relationships with those that he works with.  With his focus on finding the best solution, his openness and servant mentality he strives to find the best solution for any situation.   With an eye for process improvement from Lean experience, opportunities and enhancement are a common outcome. 

John is a husband and father of 5.  His interests mostly involve activities with his children especially involving music, sports, and camping.  John has been involved in many of the sporting organizations that his kids have participated in which include board positions and coaching.